Hoover UH30010COM Vacuum Cleaner Review

Posted by admin on June 16th, 2014

The concept behind the design of Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister UH30010COM is to offer a versatile vacuum. A portable canister unit is included in it for allowing the user to clean different spaces from top part to bottom. According to the results of different tests the Hoover vac can trap huge quantity of dirt out of carpets as compared to any other device. With the Hoover limited warranty of 6-year is included.

The best feature of this Hoover vacuum cleaner is its lightweight as it does not weigh more than 12 lbs and there is Patented WindTunnel Technology is included in Hoover for sucking debris in a better way and quickly as well as compared to other models. The expensive models make use of two vac motors, while the Hoover UH30010COM utilizes one but larger motor system.


As mentioned by VacuumPick.com, a vacuum cleaner review site, the size of the bag of Hoover vac is big, HEPA media is used for making it and it can trap about 100% of allergens that may bounce back to the environmental air. Whether it’s a dander, dust mite or any plant pollen of 0.3 microns this HEPA filtration bag can filter it out. With the use of this bag better air quality can be assured as compared to normal allergen bags made of paper. The purpose of the self-sealing bag is to stop entry of dust puffs back into a room that is clean.

Some of the features of this model of Hoover vacuum actually make the cleaning job easy. For beginner, the location of power switch is on its handle so that user can easily find it. If you want an alert for changing bag you can find a bag indicator light for this purpose. For easy access to the tools, all the time there is a tool bracket that has all the tools on-board. Some most common tools included are dusting and floor brush and crevice tool. In order to reach up and down for cleaning upholsteries and drapes a telescoping extension wand is there. When the vacuum finds dirt under the bed or any other piece of furniture the headlight of the upright vacuum is illuminated.

Like another Hoover canister model, the canister part of this canister vacuum cleaner is offered with a moving/carrying strap for high mobility or movement up and down, almost everywhere. You can easily pick it up and carry with the handle located at the top part of the canister. Even the suction of canister is highly efficient, although the size of the hose measures less than 5 feet, so it cannot reach too far. Even the noise of the canister vac is high too.

The price of this Hoover is less than $400 dollars and buying it means buying two vacuums for the cost of single vacuum. When it comes to issues there are not so many in case of Hoover Platinum Lightweight. The most prominent issue is that there is no ability of brush roller shut off in these vacuums.

On the whole, the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Bagged Upright with Canister UH30010COM is an amazing vacuum cleaner. Its lightweight and adaptability makes it nice also sporting two machines and it can perform many applications. In addition the 6-year warranty of the Hoover also makes it worth buying.

How To Buy A Good Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by admin on June 9th, 2014

Looking through the vacuum cleaners offered is so challenging especially when the choices are many. It is always best to have prior knowledge of different vacuum cleaners available.

Buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner

When you browse or search different types of vacuum cleaners offered by different brands then you need to consider some important factors like the following:


If you are buying an upright vacuum cleaner then you must know that most of them are offered with some on board attachments so that you can easily clean spaces that are difficult to reach, such as under the furniture like beds etc. the brushes, crevice tools, extra wands and upholstery tools are some of the most common attachments.


Upright or Canister

Some people choose a canister vacuum while others may like an upright one. There are some other types too besides these vacuum types, even you can choose a wet/dry vacs in order to clean larger areas of debris and spills, also you can choose from built-in, or the central cleaner that are mainly meant for an industrial or commercial set up.


There is no doubt that the cleaner using high wattage is a vacuum that is the powerful one however, this is essential in case of the cylindrical type of vacuum as compared to the normal upright one, as in their case, the brush type has an important part to play. If your vacuuming involves different surface types like draperies, upholstery, hardwood floor as well as carpeting, then opt for a unit in which the user can easily as well as swiftly alter the brush roll speed.


Every consumer has a different budget, keep that in mind different bargain and discount deals are launched on different occasions. For instance, if you are looking for the best steam vacuum cleaner then go through reviews of consumers for making a wise purchase.

Filter Types

As there are different types of vacuum cleaners so the type of filtration system used may vary in each type, usually there are four options in this regard; there are HEPA filters, stage filters, charcoal, as well as lifetime filters that need no replacement at all.

Flooring Type

At first decide about the flooring type on which you will be using your vacuum. If it is cut pile carpeting then simply opt for cylindrical or upright vac for ideal cleaning, and if the carpeting is done with loop pile, any of these types can be used, only avoid using turbo brush attachments on it. If the flooring is wooded, opt for cylinder vacuums as it can eliminate dust and dirt properly.


And finally, it is important to keep in mind the total weight of vacuum cleaner when you have assembled it completely, especially if your cleaning plan includes vacuuming of stairs so that you can easily carry it.

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